AiR-BOOT v1.07 released... [2011-05-06]

This version is distributed with eComStation v2.1.
While it is built upon the v1.06 sources, it is not maintained by the original
developer Martin Kiewitz. So please don't use SourceForge for feedback,
but rather use the eComStation bug tracker.

Version 1.07 is compatible with Windows Vista/7 OEM installations that
use their own ~100MB boot-partition. It also fixes issues with huge
disks (>502GiB) and uses a more IBM-BM like color-scheme.

Note that the helper programs like the installer and setaboot are not
up-to-date for other platforms than eComStation.
So only the eCS helpers AIRBOOT2.EXE and SETABOOT.EXE should
be used to manage AiR-BOOT v1.07.
This will be fixed in a future release.

AiR-BOOT v1.06 released... [2006-03-13]

This version is released under the GPL.

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